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Firmware Downloads for Blue version (Atmega168)

XXcontrol_KR_X6Copter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_AeroPlane v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_SingleCopter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_DualCopter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_TwinCopter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_TriCopter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_XCopter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_QuadCopter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_Y4Copter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_HexCopter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_Y6Copter v2.9

XXcontrol_KR_H6Copter v2.9

This is modified firmware (XXcontroller_KR) is based on Mike Barton's XXcontroller software.

Modified by Minsoo Kim.

Version History

XXcontroller_KR_v2.9 10/07/2012
Disable beep sound when disaming.
Fixed kick up when Yawing.

XXcontroller_KR_v2.5 12/12/2011
Fixed quick to respond in case the naviboard mount with FlyCamNavi v1.3

XXcontroller_KR_v2.4 16/11/2011
Fixed the bug that dose not armed for some Rx.
If the Rx is dropped in flying, set the center of the stick.

XXcontroller_KR_v2.3 12/10/2011
X6Copter was added.
Receiver signal was stable.

XXcontroller_KR_v2.2 01/09/2011
Version Sync with the FlyCam Firmware.

XXcontroller_KR_v2.1 12/08/2011
Easy to set stick centering.

XXcontroller_KR_v2.0 01/07/2011
Fixed bugs at disarming.

XXcontroller_KR_v1.7 20/05/2011
Fixed bugs.(Clear all settings)

XXcontroller_KR_v1.6 12/04/2011
AeroPlane was added.
H6Copter was added.
HexCopter was more stable.
Flight control logic was modified significantly.
It is possible to fly more stable and dynamic.

XXcontroller_KR_v1.5 08/02/2011
TwinCopter was added.
Y4Copter was added.
TriCopter Servo Reverse Pin was added(M5)
Increased Acro Stick Gain(65% to 70%)

XXcontroller_KR_v1.4 20/01/2011
Fixed bugs in case of yaw reversed at tricopter
Default Set 3 for GAIN_MULTIPLIER

XXcontroller_KR_v1.3 17/01/2011
DualCopter was added
Fixed bugs at ReadGainPots

XXcontroller_KR_v1.2 15/01/2011
SingleCopter was added

XXcontroller_KR_v1.1 11/01/2011
Audible arming sound (Mike's source)
PWM refresh rate 495Hz (Mike's & manuLRK's source)
Calibrate Gyros when mode changed

XXcontroller_KR_v1.0 05/01/2011
Optimized for Korean Blue Board(kkmulticopter.kr)
Servo Noise Filter at Tri
Normal, Acro, UFO mode change by transmitter
Calibrate gyro when Thr: Low, Elevator: Down, Rudder: Left (Normal Mode)
Delay Stick Centering for Receiver Binding
Arming Time 0.5sec and changed to Right-Side Arming
User Delay Procedure

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