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FlyCam BLGC Manager

FlyCam BLGC Manager is a PC application for operating a FlyCam Brushless Gimbal Controller(FlyCam BLGC).
FlyCam BLGC Manager can be downloaded from the following link.

An android application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. (search : FlyCam)

Driver for Windows PC: PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v130.zip

Connect the computer to BLGC with the USB to Serial cable.
Select the COM Port, and then click the [Connect].
To get the latest firmware, and then click the [Check Version].
must be connected to the Internet for this procedure.

If the new firmware is registered, and then click the [Firmware Upgrade] button.
It connect to the server that the latest firmware is stored, this will automatically upgrade.

There are TILT, PAN, ROLL, CTRL and S.BUS the input port to control the BLGC.
Connect to the port channel you want to control from the receiver.
It does not need to be connected channel you don't want to control.
If control with the android application, will be without the use of a general receiver.
If you are using a receiver that supports S.BUS, and connect alone S.BUS.
Click the [Stick Center] button, should set the neutral value of the channel.

There are two TILT control mode.
THR : It control the tilt which the input value is reflected in the absolute value as the throttle stick on the transmitter.
ELE: In response to the elevator stick of transmitter,and control the tilt which is reflected in the relative value of the tilt angle of the current.

CTRL control, use a 3'rd position switch or 2'nd position switch of the transmitter.
1'st position : OFF
2'nd position : ON (Pan Lock OFF, In the case of a 3-axis gimbal Auto Pan Tracking)
3'rd position : ON (Pan Lock ON, In the case of a 3-axis gimbal Pan Lock)

[ON], [OFF], [Pan Lock ON] and the [Pan Lock OFF] button is used when you want to control via a PC if the receiver is not connected.

By maintaining a horizontal state camera mounted to the gimbal, click the [Sensor Init] button, and then recognize with horizontality the current state.
In this procedure,should not be moved the camera in OFF.

If click the [Read] button, load the setting value used in BLGC.
If click [Write] Button, save to the BLGC the setting value by the user.

Setting values use in Roll, Tilt and the Pan control is as follows.

Poles : the user is not need to be changed the pole number of the brushless motor that is used to control gimbal.
Power : this setting can be from 10% to 100% the power of motor. there is a need to reduce the power if that caused the heat of the motor.
Stick : it set the percent as reaction of stick and can be set from 0 to 100%.
The higher the value, it is quickly responded to stick.
Degree : In case of Roll, Tilt, it set the angle of the gimbal to be controlled by the stick.
     Roll: it can be set from 0 to 45 degrees.(In the case of 45 degrees: -45 to +45)
     Tilt: the setting 0 to 160 degrees is possible when used tilt control in ELE mode.
     In case of using THR mode, it is controlled to the + -90 regardless of the set value.
     Pan : the PAN control is possible to +-360 degrees.
     For single-user mode in 3-axis gimbal, the Auto Pan Tracking is activated. it can set the angle to ignore.

The trim feature applies only to Roll control.
If you press the [Sensor Init] button,the trim is initialized.

The following value is used for the PID control, the optimum value is set to an initial value for each type of the gimbal.
if change this value,must have a basic knowledge of PID control.

P : P-value of the PID control,it is responded quickly the higher the value, please do not change the default value.
I : I value of the PID control, if the balance is not achieved, it is a value that affects the control value always.
    Please do not change the Roll, Tilt.
    In the I value of Pan, is used to set the speed running on Auto Pan Tracking.
    It will move quickly higher value.
D : D value of the PID control, used to prevent camera vibration.
     (have to reduce the value bit by bit when the fine tremor occurred.)
Steady : Value to be controlled additional to prevent tremor of the motor.
     (have to reduce the value bit by bit when the fine tremor occurred.)
Max : It is applied the maximum value to the gimbal control.
    Please do not change the default value.

Most users only if the tremor occurs in the value set as the initial value, reduced gradually D, and Steady values.
The expert users set the appropriate D, and Steady value to increase the P value for better performance.

Sensor Orientation : Mounting direction of the sensor
Standard (Top) : mounted horizontally the arrow for forward (standard)
Left 90 : In the standard, mounted so as to be inclined 90 degrees to the left
Right 90 : In the standard, mounted so as to be inclined 90 degrees to the right
Front 90 : In the standard, mounted so as to be inclined 90 degrees to the front
Back 90 : In the standard, mounted so as to be inclined 90 degrees to the back
Flip (Bottom) : In the standard, mount it to rotate 180 degrees forward or backward
Clockwise 90 : In the standard, mount it to rotate 90 degrees clockwise
Counter Clockwise 90 : In the standard, mount it to rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise

In the case of 2-Axis, have to use only the #1 sensor.
In the case of 3-Axis, it is equipped with two sensors #1, #2(adding magnetometer sensor) seneor.
The mounting position of the sensor depends on the type of the gimbal, and propose the location that is most optimized.

Use Compass (3-Axis Only) : which whether to use the magnetometer sensor system when use a 3-axis gimbal, do not use indoors.
To use the magnetometer sensor, after click the [Compass Init] button,and is moving in one minute random.

External Sensor
It is not currently supported, can be used when need to work with the external device.

If connect the S.BUS, can be set by the user as a control channel of your select.
In the case of controlling simultaneously BLGC and Multicopter using Radio one (receiver), connect the S.BUS channel using the Y cable.

In the item of Advanced, will be able to check the value of various sensors that are used in BLGC.

Sensor Status : 0 - 3Axis Controller, 4 - 2Axis Controller
I2C Error : 0 - Normal, Others - Sensor Error
Voltage : Voltage of Battery

If necessary, adjust the Gain of the AHRS and then can set to different characteristics of the gimbal.
Acc Gain : If want to use in a very fast moving environment in the initial value 0.2, reduce the value.
raise the value in an environment which moving slowly.
Acc Weight : In the initial value 0.3, if it takes a lot of time to come back the horizontal direction, raise the value.
Gyro Corr1, Gyro Corr2 : Initial value 0.65 and 0.35, there is no need to change in a general environment.

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