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Setting Manual for Black or Blue version (Atmega168)

FlyCam MultiCopter Controller Blackboard(kkMultiCopter)

MultiCopter Types I (Blackboard or Blueboard)

MultiCopter Types II (FlyCam Blackboard Only)

DodecaCopter, TwinHexaCopter, ...  

Receiver connection

Range of gain ports

Setting up the kkMultiCopter controller

1. Setting transmitter channels
2. Stick Centering
3. ESC throttle calibration and Battery type
4. Gyro(Servo) direction reversing (Optional)
5. Clear all settings [servo & stick centering] (Optional)
6. Setting Gyro gain
7. Setting flying mode by Transmitter

1. Setting transmitter channels

CHANNEL Aileron Elevator Throttle Rudder

- Make sure you do not have any mixing switches on your Transmitter enabled.

2. Stick Centering

Now we offer two ways to do "Stick Centering".

The First is using Transmitter which is similar to Setting flying mode.
As following the picture on "7. Setting flying mode by Transmitter", Stick Centering becomes very Simple.
This is same way to set the Flycam NaviBoard.
(1) During Throttle Stick is down position, Down the Elevator Stick for 3 seconds.
(2) Then Led lights will keep blinking.
(3) Release all sticks. then led will stop blinking.
(4) Now Processing Stick Centering. plz just keep position of all Sticks.
(5) After complete "Stick Centering" , The Led will Blink once.
All procedure is finished.

The Second is using gain port.

We provide convenient method to set multicopter.
Your current stick position can be center by following next steps except throttle.

- Set Pitch gain pot to zero. (CCW)

- Set Transmitter trims to center.
- Power on.
- LED flashes 3 times.(Ready)
- Check a receiver power.
- Wait a few seconds.
- LED flashes 1 time.
- Power off.
- Restore Pitch gain pot.

3. ESC throttle calibration and Battery type

Take off the propellers.
Calibrate throttle range.
Set to NiCd battery.(Do not set to Li-po.)
Please refer to the manual of ESC.

- Set Yaw gain pot to zero.

- Put throttle stick to full.
- Power on.
- LED flashes 3 times.(Ready)
- Check a receiver power.
- Wait a few seconds.(In this state, ignore the beeping.)
- LED flashes 3 times.(Start)[Supported in v1.6 or later]
- Wait for motor signal.(Please refer to the manual of ESC.)
- Throttle to zero.
- Wait for motor confirm signal.
- Power off.
- Restore Yaw gain pot.

4. Gyro(Servo) direction reversing

In most cases, you do not need to set it.
Aeroplane, SingleCopter, DualCopter Only

- Set Roll gain pot to zero.(CCW)

- Power on.
- LED flashes 3 times.
- To set Gryo Reverse, move Tx stick right/down or To normal it move stick left/up.
- Power off.
- Restore Roll gain pot.

5. Clear all settings [servo & stick centering]

- Set Roll, Pitch & Yaw gain pots to zero.

- Power on.
- Wait a few seconds.
- Power off.
- Restore gain pots.

6. Setting Gyro gain

- Increase: Clockwise
- Decrease: Counterclockwise
- Initial Gyro gain pot value is 50%.
- Increase until it starts to oscillate rapidly, then back off until it is stable again.
- If decrease gain pots, The reaction of sticks reacts rapidly.

7. Setting flying mode by Transmitter

- If your multicopter cannot be armed to fly, then just try to put the throttle trim down by stages.

- Normal Mode: The reaction of sticks is 50%.
- Acro Mode: This reacts rapidly with transmitter control. The reaction of sticks is 70%.
- UFO Mode: The Yaw rotate rapidly. The reaction of rudder is 90%, other sticks is 50%.
- Set transmitter trims on take off.

10Inch Prop.

8Inch Prop.

12Inch Prop.

14Inch Prop.

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