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FlyCam Ground Station for Android

If you connect with Bluetooth, you can see a screen as the following figure.

To start the arming, press once the Arming button.

If took the arming, the Arming button is changed to DISARMING, is displayed in the status message ARMING below.
To take off, press the Take Off button.

The status message has changed to TAKE_OFF. It has been made Landing also Take Off button.
In other words, Landing and Take Off is switched automatically according to the current condition.

You have to be the attitude control during the take-off, Tilt back and forth from side to side to look at the state of the multi copter by pressing the Action button in the lower left.

The multi copter is placed in a altitude hold and GPS position hold automatically after take-off,the tak-eoff height is set by the Ground Station for PC.
It should be set to about 200 ~ 500cm in outdoors, 150 ~ 200cm in indoors.
Press and hold the Up button on the right and the multi copter move up.
When you release the button, the altitude will be maintained in that position.

Press and hold the Down button on the right, the multi copter descends. when you release the button, the altitude will be maintained in that position.

To control the rudder, is rotated in any direction of Android phone while holding the button at the Rudder bottom of right.
If you reduce the angle of rotation, rotate slowly.
If more angle, rotate quickly.

To landing, press the Landing button once.

the status message is changed LANDING. if landing is complete, the arming is automatically turned off, turned DISARMING.

It is the main screen of the Ground Station for Android.
It is possible to transmitt the waypoint by Bluetooth.
To connect a Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth icon at the top and connect it.
Three joysticks is shown in the next the control mode.
Cockpit Mode, Normal Mode, Simple Mode screen is displayed.
There is OSD icon in the next.
If isn't connected the bluetooth, the sd card of Android phone is stored.

Click the OSD icon appears on the map with the current state of the multi copter.

It is a screen the connecting of the bluetooth as following figure.

It is a screen the option for the throtle range setting by bluetooth.

It is a screen for the PID setting by bluetooth.

Normal Control Mode.

Simple Control Mode.

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