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FlyCam Ground Station

It is necessary to be a USB to Serial cable to connecting the MCFC Ground Station.

Select the COM Port.

Click Connect.

Click on the type of MultiCopter.

Select the type of MultiCopter.

Check the status of Gyro Sensor.

Check the status of Accel Sensor.

Check the status of Compass Sensor.

Select the check box to display the value of the sensor in the graph.

If you click the 3D Button,can see the status of the multicopter.
The red frame is a tail.

If you click the GPS Button,can be set the waypoint through the Google Map.
Click on the map after set Radius, Wait, Heading, Altitude, a Circle.

Radius : When the multicopter is entering within Radius(m), there is a recognition that arrived at the target point.

Wait : Time to wait after arriving at the target point(sec).
Heading : Select the check box, heading to be oriented in the direction of the target point when the multicopter fly to a target point.

Altitude : Specify the altitude that is flown to the target point.
If set to 0, the altitude control has not activated.
If there is a altitude is set to 0 to waypoint after setting of the altitude, is maintaining its altitude during the flight.
Set to at least 20m for safety.
If users is maintaining a altitude(5CH 2nd Switch), the altitude control is ignored.
Circle : circle flight in a radius(m) centered on the target point. the flight direction is clockwise.
If a 360 degree rotation is finished, the goal is completed.
If a 360 degree rotation is not performed during a certain period of time, the goal is recognition that has been completed.
In the case of circle flight,regardless of the setting od heading, the heading is towards always to the target point.
In the case of a circle flight, it is better to set a zero for Wait.

If click Write Waypoint, enter to the MCFC.

It is able to check whether the waypoint is stored successfully.

If click to Read Waypoint, displayed on the map to read the waypoints that are set to the MCFC.

Click Advanced Tab.
Using the receiver support S.Bus, can assign the functions to more channel.

Kind of Reciever
PWM : General receiver.
Futaba(S.Bus) : Using a Futaba Reciever to support S.Bus.
OrangeRx(S.Bus) : Using to support OrangeRx Reciever S.Bus(compatible with JR or Spektrum).
If you use the reciever to support S.Bus input to output Ch S.Bus,will be able to use for other purposes to eight ports that were used in the Input.
It will be able to send output Ch a setting value for the Input Ch of S.Bus.
The port of output Ch that you set, will be able to connect the ESC and Servo.
Please note that there is no overlap output Ch.

Exponential value of AIL and ELE.
The higher values will dull the movement of the stick.

Auto Declination : calculate automatically the declination that the region was the last flight.
User Declination : if check, apply the values that entered by the user.

External Control
It is able to connect an external control such as Bluetooth.
Set the channel to allow external control, is controlled by a 3'rd position switch.
1st Switch : not allow external control.
2nd Switch : Allowed except for attitude control.
3rd Switch : Allowed all control.
If you do not set the channel, ignore the external control.
if the reciever is not connected to the MCFC, Bluetooth is connected,regardless of the setting value,allow all control.

Waypoint Option
Landing after waypoint flight : if check, landed automatically after waypoint flight is completed.
If altitude holding (5CH 2nd Switch),auto landing is ignored.
Waypoint User Control CH : Channel to control whether the move to the following position.
It can use the 2'nd position or 3'rd position switch.
It is ON when the value of the specified channel is higher than 1500.
When the switch is ON, the waiting time elapsed after arriving at the target point, will go to the following position.
If OFF, even if the multicopter arrive at the target point, it is waiting without moving to the next target point.
The value of the channel is turned ON later,moved to the next pass.
If you do not set the channel, it's like the switch ON. In other words, ignore its function.

Last Home Position
It is the latitude and longitude of the area that was to fly eventually.
This value is used as the initial coordinates when Google Map on the screen of the GPS has been performed.

Take Off Altitude
Set the altitude in cm auto take off.
If the indoor is set to about (1.5m ~ 2m) 150 ~ 200cm.
If the outdoor is set to about (3m ~ 10m) 300 ~ 1000cm.
If you set a 2'nd position switch of 5'th channel after startup, take off automatically after arming.
Please note that there is no the reaction of throttle less than netural during auto take- off.
When the user set to a neutral the throttle after the take-off has been completed, the take-off is automatically completed.
For reference, set a 3'rd positin switch of 5'th channel during the flight ,the auto landing is performed.
the 5'th channel should be assigned to the 3'rd position switch.
the 2'nd position switch of 5'th channel are performed the altitude holding functions during flight.
You can only have one function that the use of the auto landing and the altitude holding.
If the case is to be assigned to the 2'nd position switch of the 5'th channel.

To use the only the altitude holding, should be set the setting value of the channel is to be about 1500 by adjusting the Endpoint of the transmitter(or Travel Adjust).

Click AutoFlight Tab.
The function is set on auto flight.

Set Height
Assign a control channel for user-specified altitude flight.
It is possible to use a three-position switch, set a meter each of altitude.
If you want to assign to the 2'nd switch, the altitude you set in the 3'rd switch is applied.
The altitude is 0m based on the altitude of the position where take off the ground.
In the altitude holding(5CH - 2nd Switch), this function will be ignored.

Forward Flight
Assign a control channel which can be flown in the distance(m) in front of the multicopter specified by the user.
It can use the three-position switch, set to m each of distance.
If you want to assign to the 2'nd position switch, the distance set to 3'rd position switch is applied.
The settting distance based on to the current position of the multicopter in flight.
When the multicopter arrived at the position of the setting distance, becomes position hold.
If the ELE stick move up in flight, the multicopter move to forward but can not reach the destination by external influences.
Using this feature, you can give the command to move forward from the current position some meter.
Center of Video : Applies the tilt control by mounting the camera.
After the user adjust the tilt so that the target point is the center point of the video camera, and give the order, move automatically its position.
the user is in GPS control(6CH 2nd or 3rd Switch), this function will be ignored.

Circle Flight
Assign the channel which want to control theauto circle flight.
It is possible to use a 3''rd position switch, if assigned to the 2'nd position switch, the value set in the 3'rd Switch is applied.

AIL Stick Control : If check, can be adjusted in the direction of rotation and speed by AIL stick.
If move to the left AIL stick, is rotated in the counterclockwise direction, can adjust the speed according to the value of the stick.
If move to the right AIL stick, is rotated in the clockwise direction, can adjust the speed according to the value of the stick.

Center : Set the center point of the circle flight.

Front (Radius m) : Set the center point (Radius) the front of the multicopter radius.
Current : Set the center the current position of the multicopter.
Center of Video : Applies the tilt control by mounting the camera.
Set the center and radius of the user to control the tilt, the target point is positioned at the center point of the video camera, it automatically calculates the position.

Radius : set meter to the radius of the circle flight.
When set the center to [Center of Video], apply it automatically calculates the radius.
The user is in GPS control(6CH 2nd or 3rd Switch), this function will be ignored.

Click Gimbal Tap.
Set about the Camera Shutter function to Gimbal.

Gimbal Control
set the function to automatically control to the Gimbalshould be assigned to the 3'rd position switch always.
1st Switch : User Control.
Calculate the distance of the target point :if check, automatically calculates the distance of the multicopter and the center point of the camera image.
Distance is calculated automatically, use in (circle flight) Circle and (forward flight) Forward.
2nd Switch : Auto Tilting to the GPS target point.
automatically controls tilt angle based on the current altitude and the distance of the target point of GPS.
3rd Switch: Gimbal Control.
Used to control the Gimbal the Stick(AIL, ELE, RUD) to be used for attitude control.
This feature can be used in the case of auto flight such as GPS Position Hold, Coming Home, Follow me, Come to me, Waypoint.
GPS Position Hold will be set automatically If is not a state auto flight of GPS.

Shutter release for camera by infrared light.
Set the channel to control the shutter of the camera is connected to an infrared lamp.
To use this feature, should be used the reciever that supports S.Bus.
The infrared signals is used AUX4 channel and AUX3.
It support the SONY and NIKON Camera.

Auto Output at Waypoint : If check, arrive at the target point of the flight when the Waypoint, during the waiting period of time, the shutter will be operated automatically.
The shutter will be operated automatically while the circle flight is in progress if the circle flight in waypoint has been set.

Click Failsafe Tab.
Set the Failsafe condition and operation.

Failsafe Condition
Failsafe will operate if it meets one or more of the conditions.
Voltage and Current will only apply if have installed FlyCam OSD.
If you specify a failsafe Ch, the signal of the transmitter is lost, failsafe can work its setting condition.
Each parameter is zero, will be ignored.

Failsafe Ignore
Although failsafe has been operation, If a specfied channel ON, it is possible to ignore the Failsafe.

Failsafe Action I
Set the action to take if occur Failsafe.
Comming Home : come back to Home to maintain the altitude in flight or the specified altitude.
Landing at Home : When arrive at the Home,auto landing.
Position Hold : aintain the current position. If you have been Landing Check, land automatically.
Landing : Land at the current location.
Waypoint Flight : work waypoint . will be completed waypoint flight even though failsafe occurs during waypoint flight.

Failsafe Action II
Set the operation to run additional if failsafe occur.
To use this feature, should be used the reciever that supports always S.Bus.
It will be able to send the PWM value set by the user to the desired channel Output.
The Output channel can be connected such as ESC and Servo.
There will also be if you take advantage of this feature, so spread the parachute in the event of Failsafe.

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