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FlyCam OSD(Wii)
Price $ 170.00
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The FlyCam OSD overlays flight telemetry information onto your video image.
This board can be connected to the FlyCam MCFC, NaviBoard and Black32(Wii).

FlyCam OSD Manual

This board supports FlyCam NaviBoard.

FlyCam OSD Feature List

1. Input NTSC/PAL auto-detect, output NTSC/PAL select.
2. It is possible to select distance unit whether feet or meter.
3. Support the telementary information for Hitec Aurora9.
4. Telemetry information.
  • Battery current
  • Main battery voltage
  • Power consumed
  • Total time
  • Total flight time
  • Altitude
  • Speed
  • Horizon Indicator
  • Distance from Home
  • Angle of turning to Home
  • Satellites & compass detected
  • Support two current sensors once
  • Support a Micro SD

FlyCam OSD Includes
  • FlyCam OSD board
  • FlyCam Current Sensor
  • A cable to connect the Black32, MCFC or Naviboard

Made in Korea.

Address   815 SM Plaza, 460-3 Samsan-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Rep of Korea
Name  Minsoo Kim       
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