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FPV HexaCopter Sets[MCFC]
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$ 899.00
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HexaCopter for FPV Sets[MCFC]

Length: 480mm
Width: 420mm
Weight: 587g
Payload: 1.5kg

Recommended Battery: 5000mAh 20C 3Cells Li-Po

1. FlyCam MCFC Set
2. FlyCam OSD
3. Frame 10x10x230mm (6 pieces)
4. Center Plate Set for Gimbal
5. Power distribution board for octo.
6. UBEC 5A
7. Skid M Set (3 pieces)
8. Bolt, Nut, Support Set for HexCopter(76 pieces)
-PCB Support 10mm x 12 pcs
-Hexa wrench bolt M3_6mm x 12 pcs
-Hexa wrench bolt M3_20mm x 20 pcs
-Nylon Nut M3 x 20 pcs
-Stainless steel washer 3mm x 12 pcs
9. Double sided Velcro set
10. FlyCam 1400 (6 pieces)
11. 8x4.5 Propellers Set x 3
12. FlyCam 12A ESC x 6 pieces
13. XT60 Cable
14. 5mm Heat Shrink Tube

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